Want to raise a unicorn? Bet that caught your attention. Kirsten Cobabe, M.S.W, takes Evan and Drew on her journey from being a clinical therapist to “Raising Unicorns”, a platform she developed to help parents and kids thrive through some of the more challenging of life’s circumstances, like divorce. We could all use a Kirsten in our lives. Tune in to hear more about what parents can do to better understand the dynamics of our children. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Kirsten Cobabe, MSW Quick Bio
I specialize into supporting parents navigate the waves of adolescents, while learning how to talk with their teens by becoming authentically curious and truly present.

Modern day pressures are unfolding before our eyes and teenagers are struggling more than ever before, which means parents are too. As an advocate for families for over a decade, I have observed the recent and dramatic shifts, along with the most effective ways to create the change we want.

My validating approach coupled with an open-hearted space form the essential foundation of radical acceptance. I engage families in fostering rapport, cultivating real connections, transforming obstacles and restoring harmony in the home and in their relationships. From conflict to collaboration. From tension to presence. I strongly believe through raising our consciousness, we can better raise the next generation.

My online and in person coaching make support accessible for today’s fast-paced world. While recognizing the unique struggles of this generation, I also see the need to empower and nourish the creative force behind each soul I am fortunate to encounter. Life’s inevitable ebbs and flows can bring us to our knees, but in the center of each of us is a brave and bright soul. Together, I help families apply specific tools to create lasting change and to reshape their world. With the right support, anything is possible.