Hi! I’m Kendra. I’m a working mom with three kids, a husband, and a heavy dose of high-functioning anxiety, who just wants to eat in the peace and quiet of her own car. So buckle up and get ready to judge the hell out of my crazy, anxious mind.

When I was asked to tell my story, I shoved a cupcake in my mouth and panicked. I’d written, deleted, re-written and perfected my story already. I was outgoing, on time (always early), organized, detail-oriented, had a clean house, and was a hard worker. Basically I had my shit together and I smiled a lot. I’d done such a good job rehearsing my story, even I was convinced everything was fine. And, it was fine, until I had kids and I couldn’t stop the anxious thoughts.

Everything felt so overwhelming. I didn’t know how to be the perfect mom and I certainly couldn’t ask anyone to help me. And, that’s when I realized I wasn’t any of those things I pretended to be. In reality, I was exhausted. I was a procrastinating people-pleaser, constantly seeking approval from others. I spent my days worrying and my nights overthinking and dwelling on the things I should have done better.

I started Anxious Moms, hoping to write away my anxious thoughts, anonymously, so no one would find out it was me. I’d already invested so much time into my other story. It was my perfect story and I was too tired to write a new one. Until I realized that previously-rehearsed “perfect” story wasn’t actually my story, Anxious Moms is my story.

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