Join Evan (Drew has the week off) as he sits down via video chat with Mike Julianelle from “Dad and Buried”. The guys talk about everything including Mike’s Blog, parenting, kids, Mike’s wife getting Corona Virus (YIKES!) and everything in between. This is a hilariously fun and real episode you don’t want to miss!

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Dad and Buried, Quick Bio
Dad and Buried (aka Mike Julianelle) is a forty-something Brooklyn dad who is sharing his experiences as a father and whining about the ways the existence of his sons (Detective Munch is eight, The Hammer is two) – not to mention the myriad responsibilities surrounding their existence – are destroying his social life.

Dad and Buried has a blog that serves as a continual diary of his development as a father and – soon! – as an expert parent with the world’s first and only PERFECT CHILDREN. Expect some pictures, maybe even a video or two. But no judgement.

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