Quarantine and lockdowns may be lifted in most states, but social distancing is still a real priority. It’ll likely be this way for some time. As parents, we’re all asking ourselves when it’s okay for our kids to see their friends again or in what capacity. It’s tough.

Personally, I’ve been straying more stringent with my social distancing. We still wear masks when we go out and try to keep a six-foot barrier with the people around us. My daughter has had a friend or two over to play outside, and we’ve talked about how distance is important for preventing the spread of germs. Still, it’ll be nice when things go back to a relative state of normalcy. If they go back to a relative state of normalcy.

In keeping our distance from people, my daughter and I have come up with some adventurous activities that incorporate distance by definition. If you and your kids are struggling to find fun at a distance, give these 10 activities a try:

  1. Hiking: There’s a great state park near our home that we’ve made a couple of trips to. The hiking is pretty easy there and I’ve found ways to make it fun for my daughter—including a bingo card for wildlife.
  2. Geocaching: We were introduced to geocaching by a friend and since then, my daughter is hooked. She has a logbook that I bought off of Amazon and records all of the caches she finds. Every day is a new adventure!
  3. Dog walking: We don’t have a dog, but two of our neighbors do—a terrier and a Pomeranian. These little guys don’t need a long walk, so my neighbors have taken to letting my daughter walk them around the neighborhood with us.
  4. Modified team sports: So far, we’ve done kickball and it was a blast! Everyone stays six feet apart and the runner stops when the ball is fielded—no basemen needed! Masks are required and instead of shaking hands after, both teams did a distance air-five.
  5. Hide and seek: This was a fun afternoon organized by a friend. The kids went to a park and played hide and seek using the whole park. No need to get close to spot someone—just say what color shirt they’re wearing when you spot them!
  6. Drive-in movie: Before this pandemic, I’d never been to a drive-in theater. I hope they keep them around when things blow over! It was a blast! We watched Detective Pikachu and ate snacks with the windows rolled down.
  7. Sightseeing: A friend of mine recommended ‘being a tourist in your own city,’ so that’s what we did one afternoon. We took in a bunch of sights from the car and got out to look at things when there weren’t any crowds.
  8. Go for a bike ride: One day, we dug out the bikes and went for a ride near the lake. It was great and my daughter had a great time! We ended up going about 6 miles (3 out, 3 back), which she thought was the most impressive thing ever.

As it turns out, a world where you can’t get too close to people is still a world worth exploring! I highly recommended these kid-approved adventures that make social distancing just a little bit easier.