There are, quite literally, thousands of kids’ movies to stream right now. You’ve got the Disney classics. Netflix Originals. Animated blockbusters. Spinoffs. Sequels. Watch a kids’ movie on any streaming service and your recommended viewing selection will be flooded with options. There aren’t enough hours in the YEAR to watch even a fraction of them.

So, what should you watch? If you’re asking me, I’m the wrong person. My viewing preferences swing toward movies like Knives Out and Birds of Prey—definitely not kid friendly. Instead, I decided to ask my daughter what her top picks are. Here’s her top five and why they’re worth watching.

1. Onward

This is one my daughter and I planned on seeing in theaters… but COVID-19 had other plans. Thankfully, Disney dropped a direct release and we were able to stream it. She absolutely loved it. This movie definitely has the hallmarks of a AAA Disney film: amazing story, punchy humor, that moment when the main character feels defeated but manages to make a big comeback—everything. My daughter gives it a 10/10—five stars for both times she watched it, according to her.

2. Trolls World Tour

We’ve talked about Trolls World Tour on here before, and I’m happy to say it still holds up. The music in this movie is great and keeps my daughter singing tunes for days. It helps that the cast is stellar, too. My daughter loved Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect, so she was delighted to catch more songs by her as a troll. This is one of those movies that’s easy to put on again and again. This one gets a 10/10 every time from both of us!

3. Spies in Disguise

I was absolutely delighted with this movie and my daughter was a big fan, as well! For my part, the voice acting was great and the simple comedy was dead-on. Plenty of deadpan jokes and even a few high-brow cracks that you can tell were slipped in there for the adults. My daughter loved the absurdity of a secret agent pigeon and the hijinks of the main characters as they, of course, thwart a plot against the world. The rating? A perfect 10/10.

4. Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon

A long time ago, I introduced my daughter to Wallace and Grommet, as well as Chicken Run. Since then, we’ve both held a soft spot for Claymation movies. Shaun the Sheep is a continuation of the genre and this movie really paid homage to it. There’s almost no dialog, which means plenty of comical situations and gags that kept us both laughing! It’s a very heartwarming story about weird friends and friendships, and one by daughter give 8/10.

5. The Willoughbys

This popped up in our Netflix queue and we were pleasantly surprised! We actually ordered the book after watching this (it was based on a book). The story is pretty simple: evil parents are sent on a trip and the kids are left home to play. A nanny shows up and everything is great… until child services comes knocking. The movie is a fun adventure that’s full of cheeky humor, heartfelt lessons and over-the-top oddities. The animation style is a little clunky, but that didn’t stop by daughter from giving it a 7/10.