Evan and Chady chat with the one and only Evan Nimke, the viral dad of social media, @ViralDads! Evan talks shop about all thing’s parenthood, #DadLife and his story of being an actively involved stay-at-home-dad of his two sons including the highs, the lows and the “dadpreneur” projects he has launched over the years…all of which were created during their naptimes.
A little bit about ViralDads
Evan Nimke started @ViralDads last year because he was sick of seeing his personal Instagram filled with dadshaming/husband-hating quotes, jokes and memes – he wanted to create something that shined a more positive light on all the good dads out there who are passionate, and take pride in being a dad like himself. Evan want to help all parents have a good laugh after a chaotic day of parenthood, while not feeding in to “old dad” stereotypes… (incapable, lazy, new balances shoes, cargo shorts etc.) He believes humor is the best medicine, and hopefully through @ViralDads he will encourage dads to be more actively involved with their kids, supportive partners to their wives, and inspire dads to  #TellDadJokesaDontBeADadJoke 👍
Some of his passion projects below.
Be A Good Human Today  – Kindness brand he started inspired by his wife. Their family mantra that organically turned into a movement. “Kindness is free so are our stickers!”, since launching the website have sent out thousands of free “Be A Good Human Today” stickers across the country and around the world! @GoodHumanToday
H is for Happy ABC Book  – Childrens book he self published inspired by his boys to teach them about feelings and empathy @GoodHumanBooks
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