Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore here at Single Parents Daily break it all down with single mom, Dr. Emily Ventura,  an experienced nutrition educator, public health advocate, writer, and cook. A topic SO many parents dismiss, especially during COVID, is ALL the sugar we are feeding our kids. Plus, we get to know the brilliant Dr. Emily a bit more.   Emily co-wrote a book with Dr. Michael Goran named, ‘Sugarproof’, a MUST READ about how to raise healthy kids in today’s high sugar food environment, teaching them to self-regulate sugar intake, and enjoy good food and good health for years to come.

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Emily Ventura, PhD, MPH Bio
Dr. Emily Ventura is a nutrition educator, public health advocate, writer, and

A California Bay Area native, Emily completed her undergraduate studies at
Cornell University where she received a BA in Biology in Society with an
additional concentration in Latin American Studies. She worked in public
relations in the arenas of environmental protection and food and also as a cook
before starting graduate school. She went on to complete her Masters in Public
Health and Doctorate of Philosophy in Preventive Medicine at the University of
Southern California.

Emily has 10 years of research experience in public health with a focus on
dietary strategies for the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Her
research has been published in scientific journals such as Obesity, the Journal of
Pediatrics, and the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. She has also
co-written Op-Eds with Dr. Michael Goran about diet and children’s health which
have been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, and the
Washington Post.

An advocate for community health, Emily has worked as a nutrition educator for
children and families, including interning at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley,
California and teaching and managing programs in the greater Los Angeles area
for the California Nutrition Network. An enthusiastic and experienced cook, Emily
loves to get kids and their families excited about eating well by encouraging them
to source fresh, seasonal ingredients and prepare them simply. She was invited
by the Los Angeles Times to conduct Pantry Makeovers for LA residents, in
which she helped them restock their pantries and refrigerators and refresh their
recipes to make them healthier. Advocating for access to healthy food for all
children, Emily has led public health campaigns for Slow Food International as
well as the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Recognition for her work has included
receiving the National Cancer Institute’s Trainee of Excellence Award and being
selected for the “eHow 100” list of women who are have made innovative shifts in
their careers and have had a positive impact in their communities.

Though she has recently resettled in the States, Emily has spent extensive time
abroad, including studying food and culture in Ecuador and serving as a Fulbright
Scholar in Italy, where she taught Public Health Nutrition at the University of
Gastronomic Sciences and conducted research at the University of Verona.
Emily spent the last 4 years in the UK working as a writer and recipe-developer
and is now living in California with her two sons.